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local nova drafts » I will find you where I left you

Created on 6.23.2013 by . Updated on 5.26.2016


The elevator can talk now.
We rode her blackberry seams as she spoke
the names of terrace manufacturers.
We traveled seventy floors up the trunk
of a paper birch to my office, up to petroleum toys,
up to alkaline and guided fishing nets,
over to chain link and terrestrial coy,
across a gurney of Polaroid cells.


Some manufacturers reserved five fathoms.
I was swept up in blouse rotors during cyclones.
I was plywood under chemical breathing
in contracted mineshafts for the stock ticker.
I swam where alternating currents could not shock us
against submerged rail lines under a floating bridge
shedding its horses.


In wetlands the spore’s water
is undrinkable. A fox was picked of its paper by a crow.
A leg could be amputated and used as an oar.
The best parts are fenced off from cows.


The water house is elm when piss makes
the toilet bowl water temperature higher.
The hill is plucked in the nook with porcelain fawn
and pressed under bricks for even cooking.
I took a knife to a wooden fowl’s varnish.
I wiped the slopes clean as the cut’s serration.
Clear enough for counting gold, lucid enough
for making unduplicated lists
of Robinsvale, Light Saber, Alarm Clock.


I asked you to push the button in the elevator
and I saw you come out. You were upstairs
in my room with a bowl of Wilkeson trimmings.
I saw an ash can emptied behind the blackberry bush condoms.
I saw the peach tree tipping into Columbus Day soil.


Enter at the foundry’s noon, rise up Wilkeson.
It is not the same now but the buttons can be pressed.
The elevator speaks in sheet metal dialects,
shafts of velocity brakes. Monarchs flit about
their briefcase. They float weightless in free fall.
A straw Doberman is back from the taxidermist
and taken to its chute. Half-light accrues,
dividends return from sabbatical.


I can see cracks leaking embers on the hill.
I see through foundry shutters the vertical blood
being poured. The molten buckets rise, spill clam shell balconies,
lobster tail entryways, dividend beams for re-calcified properties.
Follow metro coral. Uncles wave back at foals and helmets
rolling to their depths, swimming down to China.

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