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local nova drafts » Cherry Coke And The Senator Tree

Created on 1.27.2012 by . Updated on 5.26.2016

1. Sound

Drone unpeels bark, hollow smell of pond cypress smoke.
Vibrating. Largesse is cherry in a Coke glass, steadies
upright jack rabbit tie. Hittites were ending
when the tree began to grow.

Polaroids of The Senator are sticky to touch.
Age nine with simple syrup lens–
Age twelve and posing again, the railings
have been rebuilt. The sound comes twice,
drone of electrics. Turn off the fan to make sure
the color is real.

Drone of air, unseen lift, unshaven sweat.
Brow lines, memory in bedsheet attire. Poultice in a berry vat,
equine in each harness; litigious rat bites. The bird
and spider land on each skimmed surface;
berry jam, swatting at mercy, lineage in tonnage.

2. Suppiluliuma

Facial expressions distant as Tashkent mugshots.
Before? There was a bloom and a death.

There was a thin-boned almond tree
and forest floor of cement on the morning of excommunication.

There was no ex-collaboration. There was
applesauce on a tablet.

It was a cuneiform tablet
which is the best typeset for phantasms.

It was a mold of a pear out of wood. It was a concrete
stone with a hand print. It was a name carved
into the side of a building. It was what? It was what.

3. The Senator Tree

In formal dreams
there is a bivouac of hardened powder. A trolley
cycles every thirty-seven minutes. A rocket transits
the hollow core. Like a rifle barrel it has its own possibilities.

“I drink a Cherry Coke then set it on fire.”
“I pour gasoline into pottery to carry here.”
“I float broken pieces of plaid shirts on the dirt.”
“Why are you asking if I know the age of this tree?”

4. Tarhunt

The bull is mummified in frothing stars.
Illuyanka, the constriction, the swallower
of laid out tasks.

The bull kicks and froths in the gutter.
Outside a bar, the bull is incensed again and again
and is inquisitive about what makes you bleed.

5. Kim Dietz Livesey

Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. Same sky,
altered legging Illuyanka; not dead yet.

Within suitcase bends, fetal.
Swingsets greased still creak with chains too long to leave the ground.
Dad came in smelling of lawn. The alligator
will eat shoe soles. Puppets put back into a suitcase,
plastic wrap for hair. Blood left clothes lines
before icicle. Iron rich scent. Prop the chalkboard easel
in the shag hall. Map the mole in the mirror
crossing a chin. Plug the hair dryer
into its socket beside the tub. False eyelashes
carried away on sweat. Charcoal grill, dad’s Jesus jokes.
Put the crayons in a box for color wheel alignment.
Smell again the vinyl embolism, car seat,
aligned RPM. Hit over the head, legs bent,
no proper cheeks to be seen. Suitcase zipped shut,
sat upon, compressed, discarded.

6. Ostracons

Written on a pottery shard, language of Nesa:
Turpentine for candy floss. Best the wand
and blowing chariot. Lift up the poultice slightly
and insert cuneiform tablets. Open the room and insert iron.
Use flames of the room to heat bronze
until it bends.

The letter opener is a Hittite blade through backstrap.
The letter opener is an axle in a chariot.
This found broken glass, ash and nuclei; small womb,
rapture summation, face sensing heat opposite the fire.

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