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local nova drafts » Post-World’s Fair

Created on 6.4.2011 by . Updated on 6.14.2017

Flick away the yellow jacket crawling a lip.
Spinal tension: sleep on one side–
bent where perennials decompose.
Until the monorail arrives: this form,
the heaviest pressure on park beds.
Collect Public Works severance.
Restructure ligaments,
pick at the vines on each side.

Stir the branch raising froth. An unstable ballast;
grab hold of the hive. Toss aside crippling universes.

I became the river Danube under liquefaction viaducts.
I saw buildings resubmerged by ruptured aortas.
I reacquainted a chest with estuaries,
turned over bar stools,
rinsed handkerchiefs,
knocked down cobwebs with a single blow.
Tried to climb into a spittoon.

Google the age of bile against a sea wall; high water mark.
A lichen passed out and dissolved; Nepalese.
A helicopter blade cut an obelisk. I gathered a fossil pile.
Reburied sea life on Everest. Reburied ammonites.
Subterranean hand-stitched bindings harden.
No further threat of steeples.

Touch living canal cell walls,
throw a living breaker switch.
Note of smitten ash: paved delinquency on Pike.
Smile awhile and observe sturgeon swim submerged roots;
dance the husks with both ankles.

Smirk now. This is secret: the blind fall into water.
The blind tap with a Hudson Bay Co. candy cane.
The bicycle spokes clack feverish with shuffled cards.
Smile. Feral trespassing and public insemination.
No vertical landscape bequeathed to us.

The skeleton on the corner replants itself.
I prune its molars, trim its cavity fireweed.
I prop up drooping vertebrae.
I scatter its bees, sweep the palate clear.
I wash its gutter with Listerine. I rinse its cheek bones
with Aqua Velva.

Exposed tonsils are a rind for paring knives.
Gain a dollar, leave a breath.
Rejection is permitted. Residual forms chain link.
Sand piles behind a breaker switch, one room available;
one dune among the molars, enamel loss taped over.

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