Western Pines Press

Poetry, Prose, Fiction, Experimental Audio, Screenplays, and Comics

Our Authors

Eric Larsen (Founder)

Eric has been a data engineer and architect by trade and poet by night. He has been publishing books and specialized image macros since 2011, and has been a writer for the sixteen years prior to that.

Founded in the land of sky-blue waters, Eric began Western Pines Press as a publishing label for a series of his poetry volumes that span many life and world event years; heartbreak, wars, pandemics, pain, addiction, and dreamlike aesthetic beauty. In 2020, he wanted to provide a voice to other authors and artists who desire to have their work preserved in perpetuity and available on Amazon and B&N.

There is not a limit to genre and Western Pines will offer books of poetry, prose, fiction, screenplays, and illustrated comics in full color. If you are interested in discussing publishing a work on Western Pines, please familiarize yourself with the works already published to see if you are a fit in what we curate. You may contact me here.

Jeffrey Butzer

Jeffrey Bützer, while wearing his musician hat, has released numerous albums since 2006 and toured Hong Kong, France, and America to support the first few (a Very Long time ago). Yet, he still manages to shoehorn those timeless travels into conversations. He writes songs, short stories, jokes and has scored several plays and films. He wrote his first play, The Artificial Island, that debuted May 2022 at PushPush Arts in Atlanta, GA.  He lives with his wife, two sons, a cat and a tortoise. He has had a subscription to Archie comics for over 30 years and rarely misses a Harlem Globetrotters game.

Budd Dwyer

Bluejays, like all living things, must eventually die. The most common causes of death for these beautiful birds are collisions with vehicles, window strikes, predation, disease, and habitat loss.